Connect any Domain name to Cloudflare and Cpanel Hosting

Cloudflare is a web security company that protects against threats such as SQL injection. It is always a good practice to connect the Cloudflare account. It will protect your account from any thefts & attacks. Cloudflare offers a Free plan as well. You can choose a free plan to go ahead with.
The major advantage of using Cloudflare is, it will not expose your server IP Address to Attacker. I personally recommend using Cloudflare for every domain I bought.

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Below are the steps required to connect your domain to Cloudflare and Vesta Cpanel Hosting.

Step 1: Create your free Cloudflare account.

Step 2: Buy Domain Name & Hosting from any service provider, If you haven’t bought yet, you can get Better options with Godaddy.
Step 3: Now login to your Cloudflare account and click on Add Site button Cloudflare Add SiteEnter Your domain name & Click next, Choose a plan as per your choice, you can choose a free plan to start with & click next. Cloudflare will show you all the existing DNS Records for the Domain.

Step 4: Delete all records and add flowing records carefully.

TypeNameContentTTLProxy status
Aadmin<your hosting IP here>AutoDNS only<your hosting IP here>AutoDNS only
CNAMEcpanelexample.comAutoDNS only
CNAMEftpexample.comAutoDNS only
CNAMEwebdisk.adminexample.comAutoDNS only
CNAMEwebdiskexample.comAutoDNS only
CNAMEwwwexample.comAutoDNS only

Step 5: After adding the above DNS Records, Click on continue and COPY the Cloudflare Nameserver.

Step 6: Log in to your Domain Name Service provider Account and Click on the Manage DNS option for your Domain Name. Under that, find the option to change the domain name server and Paste your Cloudflare DNS that we copied in Step 5 and click on Save.

Step 7: Now go to your Cloudflare account and select your domain name which is saying pending nameserver changes & click on check now. Wait few minutes to update the name server. Usually, it takes few minutes only to update the name servers but sometimes it can take up to 48 Hours to reflect Domain Name Server Changes. Try refreshing after few minutes. If it is showing Cloudflare is now protecting your domain, It means everything we set up in the above steps is correct, and your domain name is pointed to Cloudflare successfully 🙂

Step 8: We have already set up DNS Records in step 4, So it means the domain we have added to Cloudflare is now pointing successfully to your Hosting IP Address.
Login to your Hosting Provider account and click on Add on Domain or Add Web Option.
Enter your Domain Name and Submit.

You can enter FTP Details of your choice. FTP will help you to upload files to the server without logging in to your hosting provider. Wait few minutes and your DONE.
You can upload files to your server now. Your website is up and running.